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Best serverless & static page hosting services


Vercel is the frontend development platform that gives innovators the speed and dependability they need to innovate at the moment of inspiration.



The fastest way to combine your favorite tools and APIs to build the fastest sites, stores, and apps for the web.

Github Pages

Hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.


Render is a unified cloud to build and run all your apps and websites with free TLS certificates, a global CDN, DDoS protection, private networks, and auto deploys from Git.


Firebase Hosting

Firebase Hosting gives you a fast, secure, and reliable way to host your app's static assets as well as to serve dynamic content and host microservices.

cloudflare workers

Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale. transforms containers into micro-VMs that run on our hardware in 30+ regions on six continents.



Do more with less. Serverless. All-in-one development solution for auto-scaling apps on AWS Lambda

Surge Sh

Simple, single-command web publishing. Publish HTML, CSS, and JS for free, without leaving the command line.

Drag-n-drop an archive with your page or a website and we will take care of the rest.


Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps globally. No-ops, servers, or infrastructure management.


Deno Deploy

Deno Deploy is a distributed system that runs JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly at the edge, worldwide.



Create and deploy serverless cloud functions instantly, all from the browser. Quickly add authentication for your API, schedule tasks, and replay events.

Railway is an infrastructure platform where you can provision infrastructure, develop with that infrastructure locally, and then deploy to the cloud.


Connect your GitHub repo. We will build, deploy and manage the hosting.


Resend is a RESTful API that can be integrated with any programming language. It offers a free tier that allows you to send up to 100 emails per day.



Integrate HTML forms easily without any server side code. After user submits the form we'll send you content of the form to your registered email.


Formspree is a form backend, API, and email service for HTML & JavaScript forms. It's the simplest way to embed custom contact us forms


A server for your Static HTML forms